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September 25, 2015

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Donations: The Best Kind of Online Drives

The Best Kind of Online Donation Drives

Many people are looking for the information on how to run online nonprofit donations or manage donors. This blog post highlights the best options that can help fundraisers garner millions in donations for their nonprofit ventures. It’s tempting to just try to replicate the efforts of some of the most reputable charities out there, but these options are easy and affordable to use for nonprofit donations at all levels.

1 Google Grants and Google Wallet

Fundraisers using Google Wallet for their online peer-to-peer fundraising can access their reports anytime from anywhere. This tool allows donors to easily make donations just by a single click. Although not designed for personalized exit, anything that is associated with Google reduces any fear about the security of social giving process.

The standard cost for Google Wallet is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Fundraisers who want to run online nonprofit donations without paying any penny can go for Google Grants instead.  Just like Google AdWords, Google Ad Grants displays fundraisers’ messages to millions of people who are searching for the online fundraising platforms.

2 PayPal Donations 

PayPal is a trusted brand for online enthusiasts who want to process their money online. PayPal also helps fundraisers run online nonprofit donations for qualified nonprofit organizations. This tool comes in a form of a donation buttonthat must be used for fundraising only. Nonprofits organizations must verify their status in order to be allowed to access money that they have received from peer-to-peer donors. Unverified nonprofit organizations that receive more than $10,000 in donations must demonstrate how they intend to use that amount.

3 Donorbox is a platform and software for nonprofit organizations that want to set up an online fundraising. This platform comes with a simple and effective checkout system that has been optimized for recurring donations. Nonprofit organizations only need some few minutes to start receiving donations. Unlike other social giving platforms, both Donorbox platform and software doesn’t intrude with user’s branding.

4 Razoo

Razoo is a great platform for nonprofit organizations that intend to run peer-to-peer
fundraising. Users can set up their online fundraising cause on the platform’s official website or integrate Razoo’s Donation widget on their own sites. Razoo comes with a 4.9% processing fee for each donation received. Users who are using the site’s widget can either pay a one-time fee or choose a recurring fee.

5 Classy

Classy is one of the best online and mobile fundraising platforms for users who want to run peer-to-peer fundraising,Crowdfunding, event registration and website donations all under one roof. This site is trusted by over 1,500 of the world’s top social giving and nonprofits enterprises.

6 DonateNow Lite

Network for Good’s DonateNow is an online platform that comes with software and a broad range of fundraising services. This platform enables users to receive online donations with the support of email services, branded donation pages and hands-on customer service. While the DonateNow is a great site for online fundraising, it can be costly for small nonprofit organizations.


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Dec 23

December 23, 2015

5 Tricks to Donor Acquisition and Management That Work

5 Tricks to Donor Acquisition and Management That Work

In our world, the increased number of non-profits means more competition for donors and their money. Contributors come and go as news headlines and public sentiment change attention from one worthy cause to another. In the past, organizations could claim success as long as they gained more new donors than they lost. Nowadays, non-profit organizations must proactively work to retain their donors in their effort to meet increasing demands. Use the following five tricks to donor acquisition and management to reach your fundraising goals.

1. Conduct at Least One Campaign Per Year

Some organizations accumulate an adequate donor base and then expect the donations to continue flowing. To keep your audience aware of your cause and enthusiastic about supporting your cause, send out at least one donor update newsletter every year.

2. Use Online Marketing Techniques

Almost everyone in our society has access to the Internet, and more than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile users. For-profit companies have been quick to adopt marketing tactics that get their brands in front of millions of eyes every day. Many nonprofit groups already market themselves to online users, so you should do it too.

3. Acquire Donor Acquisition and Management Software

Managing a non-profit organization by the seat of the pants leaves many stones unturned and many questions unanswered. Donor management software helps organizations track donor transactions, manage campaigns, and provide reports that can assist you in the targeting of potential donors and those who might give more. Depending on the software you choose, you can manage relationships, leverage demographics and use A/B testing to select the best formats for your solicitations.

4. Add Value to Your Message

The competitive donor market means your story can’t end with your mission and cause. Donors want to achieve as much as possible with their money, so add value to their gifts by telling them exactly what their money will accomplish.

5. Use a Multifaceted Approach

Add synergy to your fundraising efforts by using multiple formats. By bundling direct mail, online mailing lists, and telemarketing in a single campaign, you can achieve more than you could by using a single media channel by itself. For example, your organization can send out a direct mail solicitation and then follow up with phone calls and emails. After acquiring a donation, contact the donor again to express thanks and make them aware of upcoming donation opportunities.

Spend some time planning your donor management strategies. Start with these five tips and watch your fundraising come alive.

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Nov 3

November 3, 2015

Fund Raising Ideas

At these times, more and more fund raising ideas have been selling like hot cakes around the urban jungle. Not that they are hand in hand with a price but they have been greatly deemed as effective especially that, there have been plenty of events that are in need of financial support. Every now and then, you read thought- provoking lines such as “the victims of hurricane Katrina are knocking at your kind hearts.” Come to think of it, without those tragic incidents, those lines would not be more than sporadically ringing.

However, when you look at it in an optimistic manner, fund raising ideas are getting rampant because it is an occasion for you to be generous. You may not believe it, guffaw even if you want but when you give, not just your acquired wealth but also your precious time and innate skills, you will be receiving more in return. Yeah, call it a church- based principle but it is the truth nonetheless. Start to put into application and you will see that it really does work since if it did for others, it also will for you.


One of the most interesting fund raising ideas is staging carnivals and street fairs. It is not really something new as it has been around for a quite a while but it never fails to bring that charm not only being a hit to the young ones but also the young once. This is where ingenuity will gracefully stride in order not to keep it the same as what has been done in the past. There can be dunking booth where participants will buy any number of balls as desired and throw them at a target. When the aim is hit, the person sitting on the platform will fall on a pool full of water. It would be more fun when the one who will volunteer to get all soaked is a well- known public figure. Of course, it will churn stomachs but at least, it is clean fun.

Fund raising ideas will surely get everyone involved in whatever kind of means. It does not have to be that some amount of money has to be shelled- out from the pocket although, there are really instances that it is called for. Take for example, when you buy ingredients for munchies that will be served when you have a small bistro around the exposition. It would be drawing lots of customers when you try to contact a local celebrity to act as the waitress or waiter. It may sound silly but anything is probable when you just have to squeeze out those juices. You can also get your closest friends to be the clown or mascot to entertain the children that will be dining. It is simply, get away from the grim conventional.

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Oct 14

October 14, 2015

School Fundraising Success Plan

Planning and managing a fundraising event the school can make you want learn hair or maybe start banging your head on a table out of frustration. Here are seven useful ideas for fundraising that will help make your fundraiser next school success smoothly and profitably.

1.) Success Plan

Efficient planning is essential for success of their school, not just the fundraising campaign, but any project you might think. Without a well thought out plan of action and chaos his reign project will suffer accordingly, no matter how their ideas are fundraising. In fact, you must have a plan for primary, secondary and tertiary.

2.) Can not be only one!

For there can be a captain of a ship and is the same for their school fundraising program. Many also Indian chiefs and not enough for a mistake and a bad idea. Choosing a competent person in charge and then leave them in charge.

3.) Delegating authority

Allocation specific tasks to people they trust and confidence. In planning to create a list of tasks and to select personnel for each task. Make sure each selected employee understands that the responsibility for their assigned task falls on their shoulders.


4.) Promotion is key

Spread the word about your fundraiser funds in our school. Promote school fundraising project will help in the quest to achieve their goals. Send press releases to the media local communication. Remember your own school website is a great way to show their fundraising ideas and opportunities and to spread the word about it. The type of fundraising you have decided to dictate whether the creation of promotional brochures and to request local businesses and place them in the windows, it would be useful to make your fundraising event better. There are several ways to promote an event and that they should receive the greatest possible number of them.

5.) Pre-sale for success

This tactic works well for any type of fundraising event. If the fundraiser is an event like a dance or a dinner or some kind of event ticket, you will do much better pre-selling tickets. Start the revenue stream, long before the actual event. When such items as cookie dough or articles Christmas gift are its main products began mentioning to friends, family and neighbors in advance.

6.) Net multiple

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Several sources of revenue have been the recipe for business success for many years and you must run your fundraiser for the school as a business. If you put all your years of planning on the success of a May program then you are in a deficit. It could even have another school to start about the same as he had intended to do the week before launching fundraising. If you are in a small town, this may be a blow to their school fundraising success. Try using multiple events to their advantage. This is an excellent way to reach your goal as quickly as possible and spread some of risks.

7.) Post Event Analysis

Although not part of the planning phase of real events is something that should not be overlooked. Analyze how fundraising made each of his efforts at school. What do your clients like best? That the most money? What school fundraising event was the easiest to do? You can use the analysis of their current campaign to strengthen the efforts of future fundraising. It is particularly useful for writing these things in a newspaper for the next board to see if all the faces on the board change from year to year. Thus, it is much better to inexperience Leaders who follow you to resume where you left off!

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Sep 1

September 1, 2015

Why Your Fundraising Strategy is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Why Your Fundraising Strategy is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Fundraising is a great way to bring in additional cash for businesses, non-profit organizations and more, but if you don’t have a fundraising strategy from the outset, you’ll likely not be as successful as you could be. Raising funds can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, consumers expect to receive something of value for their hard-earned dollar. When you’re raising funds, what type of value are you offering to those providing cash? Are those giving money receiving something tangible, are they receiving coupons or are they receiving the satisfaction of donating? The answer to these questions can make or break your efforts quickly.

Capitalize on the Root Cause

Raising funds is an exercise in pulling at the heart strings. If you’re trying to raise funds to expand your company or organization, by and large, people won’t be as willing to help out. However, if you have a branding message that explains how your expansion will help others, people will likely be more willing to give. Try to think about how your fundraising gives back to the community or assists those in need when crafting your marketing materials.

Also, be upfront and honest about what percentage of these funds goes to the actual cause versus the organization’s or business’ administrative costs. If someone gives money, thinking that they are helping, and then finds out that only a small percentage goes to the actual cause…this could lead to very bad PR.

How Should You Raise Funds?

In the past, raising funds often meant standing outside of a store and asking for money, but today, the Internet has allowed a new generation of opportunities to bring in cash. Websites like Kickstarter allow businesses and organizations to easily advertise their causes, and you can even include links to campaigns on your website or social media properties.

Utilizing Social Media

Speaking of social media, this type of Internet property is one of the most effective and efficient places to raise funds. The reasoning behind this is that it’s free and provides a platform to encourage viral sharing. If you’re able to position your objective in a way that makes people see the true value in giving, your company or organization can experience a massive growth in visibility very quickly through social media.

Accountability Matters

Finally, your organization or company has to remain accountable for delivery. If you promise those giving money a specific product, such as doughnuts, or a discount on a service in exchange for giving, you’ll need to be able to deliver on that promise. As a result, don’t underestimate your ability to fulfill. Your strategy for raising funds needs to estimate not only how many people will participate, but also what your obligation will be once the campaign ends.

Failing to create a realistic estimate could end in disaster if your organization or company isn’t able to provide what it promised to those who gave money. Think ahead, get your plan in place and you’ll not only be able to increase your company’s brand, but you’ll also be able to help other people by raising funds for those in need.

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